Autel Maxicheck Pro Automotive OBD2 Scanner Code Reader for ABS bleeding, EPB, SRS, SAS, DFP, Oil Reset

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    Autel MaxiCheck Pro is a simple and easy to use OBD II scanner based on Autel’s latest diagnostic platform. It is specially designed for professional technicians and body shops to service individual specialized systems, such as EPB, Oil Service, ABS, SRS, BMS, DPF and more.

    The MaxiCheck Pro scanner provides quick and easy solutions to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without the use of a diagnostic tool. It is the ideal service tool for today’s technicians at a price everyone can afford.

    Maxicheck pro Application Diagnostics: EPB/ABS, SRS, SAS, DFP, Oil Reset and More Service

    maxicheck pro 9 functions display

    Autel Maxicheck Pro Features

    1. Crystal Clear TFT Color Scree
    2. Enhanced OBD2 Coverage for Domestic, Asian & European Vehicle and Multilingual Support. Check support Vehicle and language
    3. Opens & Closes Electronic Brake Calipers
    4. Reads & Clears EPB/SBC Trouble Code
    5. Turns off the ECU & Brake Warning Light
    6. Diagnoses EPB/SBC Caliper Functionalit
    7. Resets the Oil Service Light
    8. Resets the Service Mileage & Service Interval
    9. Sets the Inspection Mileag
    10. Resets Steering Angle Sensors (SAS)
    11. ABS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes – U.S. Domestic, Asian & Europea
    12. SRS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes – U.S. Domestic, Asian & Europea
    13. Diesel Particulate Filter Functionalit
    14. ABS Bi-directional Functionalit
    15. Resets battery adaptation and registers battery replacemen
    16. Reads, Records and Plays Back OBD2 Live Data Graphing

    Maxicheck Pro Special Advantage:

    autel maxicheck pro vs EBS301 vs OLS301

    Autel MaxiCheck Pro Powerful Service:

    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Designed for safe and professional replacement and recalibration of brake pads on a growing number of vehicles with electronic hand-brakes. This tool automatically links up with the control module by connecting to the vehicle's OBD II port. By disengaging the brake system it increases safety with the push of a button. Eliminating the need to use expensive OE diagnostics systems to the job on EPB systems makes the tool a time saver and a money maker! In addition, it is designed to enable the technician to read and clear ABS trouble codes.

    Autel maxicheck pro function in abs system

    SRS and Airbag: Enables a technician to read and clear trouble codes, and also reset airbag and SRS warning lights. Perfect for body shops.

    SAS Calibration: Designed to perform the zero position calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor in a growing number of vehicles equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

    Oil Reset Service: Enables the resetting of service lights, and service intervals on a range of vehicles including the latest For BMW, For Mercedes, For Volvo, For VW/Audi, Fiat, for Mazda etc. This is a time and money saver for the service garage to have the service light turned out without using the expensive OEM scan tool.

    DPF Service: The DPF function allows you to carry out numerous functions on the Diesel Particulate Filter system without having to send the car to a main dealer. The tool will retrieve/erase DPF-related codes, reset the DPF light after the filter has been replaced, micromanage the injection rate, and burn off collected particles when a maximum fill level is reached by performing static/dynamic regeneration.

    BMS Functions: The BMS (Battery Management System) allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state,monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, activate the rest state of the vehicle,and charge the battery via the diagnostic socket.

    autel maxicheck pro special functions

      Autel MaxiCheck Pro Vehicle List:

      • ABS/SRS: for BENZ, for BENZ Sprinter, for BMW, for Citroen, for Fiat, for Ford, for LandRover, for Porsche, for  Renault, for Smart, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota, for Volvo, for VW.
      • EPB: for BENZ, for BMW, for Citroen, for Ford, for LandRover, for Peugeot, for Porsche, for Renault, for Toyota, for Volvo, for VW.
      • OLR: for BENZ, for BENZ Sprinter, for BMW, for Citroen, for Fiat, for  Ford, for LandRover, for Porsche, for Renault, for Smart, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota, for Volvo, for VW.
      • SAS: for BENZ, for BMW, for Chrysler, for Citroen, for Fiat, for LandRover, for Peugeot, for Renault, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota.

      Maxicheck pro Sale Support:

      • Update Support: Lifetime Free Updates & 1 Year Warranty.
      • Multi-language Support: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Italian. 

      Specifications of MaxiCheck Pro :

      1. Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi )
      2. Operating Temperature:0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140 °F)
      3. Storage Temperature:-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158 °F)
      4. External Power:12.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery or adapter
      5. Dimensions :Length: 212 mm (8.35’’) ,Width: 110.5 mm (4.35’’) ,Height: 37.5 mm (1.48’’) 
      6. Weight: 0.28 kg (without wire) 0.484 kg(with wire)

      Package List:

      • 1pc x Maxicheck Pro Unit
      • 1pc x OBD II Cable
      • 1pc x CD Software
      • 1pc x USB Cable
      • 1pc x User Manual
      • 1pc x Hard Carry Case

      maxicheck pro display

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