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Autel EVO Nano Intelligent Flight Battery

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  • The Autel EVO Nano Intelligent Flight Batteryis a 2250mAh, 7.7v Lithium-Polymer battery offering 28 minutes of flight time to the Autel EVO II Nano. Which means plenty of time to experiment with creative angles and dream up inventive shots.

    Autel EVO Nano Aircraft Batteries

    The aircraft's lithium polymer battery needs to be charged with the special charger provided.

    1. Battery level indicator
    2. Power button/power check
    3. Disassembly button

    Turn on the battery

    Before installing the battery, make sure it is powered off. After installation, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The battery level indicator will show the current battery level.

    Turn off the battery

    Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the battery. If batteries are installed in the craft, LED1 and LED4 will blink 5 times to indicate that the power is being turned off. Once all battery level indicators are off, remove the batteries from the craft.

    Check the battery level

    With the battery off, press the power button for 1 second, then quickly release it to check the battery level. The LED will show the current battery level as follows:

    Battery level indicator status (non-charging state)

    Nano Series LED Indicator Warning Description

    LED Indicator Warning Description

    EVO Nano Series Battery Safety

    EVO Nano series is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery. Improper use of lithium polymer/lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous. Please ensure that all the following battery usage, charging and storage guidelines are strictly followed.

    • Only use the battery and charger provided by Autel Robotics. It is forbidden to modify the battery pack and its charger, or use third-party equipment to replace it.
    • The electrolyte in the battery is extremely corrosive. If the electrolyte accidentally spills onto your skin or into your eyes, please wash the affected area with clean water and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

    Autel EVO Nano Series Battery Features

    With a built-in Autel Newest Intelligent Battery Management System intelligently monitors battery power and various states of the battery, and can accurately calculate the remaining battery life to guarantee flight safety. It has multiple safety protections to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature undertemperature, short circuit, etc. It also enables static equalization, self-discharge storage mode, and ultra-low power mode.

    • Self-discharge protection - if the battery is stored in high temperature environment or it is not used for 6 days and the battery level is high, the self-discharge protection will be activated. The battery will automatically discharge to a safe level, and this discharging process takes 2~3 days. In this period, it is normal that the battery may be slightly hot.
    • Low battery protection - in the case of low battery level, the battery will automatically enter sleep mode to avoid damage. Under this mode, there will be no reaction when pressing the power button. To wake up the battery, it is allowed to connect it with charger.
    • Charging temperature protection - the battery will stop charging in the case of charging temperature lower than 5ºC (41ºF) or higher than 45ºC (113ºF).
    • Overcurrent protection - the large charging current will seriously damage the battery, so the battery will stop charging in the case of excessive charging current.
    • Overcharge protection - the battery will automatically stop charging after it is fully charged
    • Balanced protection - each battery unit shall maintain voltage balance to avoid overcharge or overdischarg

    Autel EVO Nano Series Battery Specification

    Capacity 2250mAh
    Nominal voltage 7.7V
    Charging limit voltage 8.8V
    Battery Type Li-Po 2S
    Energy 17.32Wh
    Charging ambient temperature 5~45℃
    Maximum charging power 30W
    Weight 382g
    Size 74.5*45.5*26.5(L*W*H)mm
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