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Autel GBOX G-Box2 Accessory Tool for Mercedes Benz All Key Lost Work With IM608

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  • Autel G-Box2

    • The G-BOX2 realizes fast mode on vehicle and bench when all keys of Mercedes-Benz vehicles using ths DAS3 EIS/EZS are lost. The use of the G-BOX2 reduces the time needed and eliminates the process of insertion and removal.
    • The G-BOX2 can read and access most engines manufactured by Bosch including EDS/ MEx17 series engines used in BMW and Volkswagen Vehicles. This capability supports the ability to perform adaptions when all keys are lost and engine is replaced.
    • The G-BOX2 is compatible with the Autel's advanced diagnostic tablets support IMMO and key programming functions.


    Why buy Autel G-BOX2?

    • 1. AUTEL G-BOX Adapter can support Mercedes All Key Lost BMW DME Reading.
    • 2. Reads and writes Bosch engine ECU on F classis of BMW and MQB of Volkswagen.
    • 3. AUTEL G-BOX Adapter use with both the Autel MaxiIM IM608, IM508 and Auro IM600.
    • 4. Autel G-Box Adapter can work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles with DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS in AKL.
    • 5. With the Autel Advanced Diagnostic Tablets supporting IMMO and Key Programming functions.
    • 6. Autel G-Box Adapter is specially designed for Mercedez-Benz vehicles with DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS in AKL.
    • 7. Supports fast mode on vehicle and bench when all keys of Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the Das3 EIS/EZS are lost.
    • 8. Compare with other adapter Autel G-Box Adapter is more effctive to reading the ECU data from W204 and W207 EISs.

    Autel G-Box2 Main Features:

    • 1. Mercedes DAS3 can EIS / EZS all keys lost
    • 2. Work with IM608 or Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP400
    • 3. Can read and write BMW DME / DDE ISN in boot mode
    • 4. BMW DME / DDE ISN reading and writing in boot mode
    • 5. Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, Faster Password Calculation
    • 6. Also compatible with Auro IM600 and Auro IM100 with XP400
    • 7. Supports Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, faster calculate password
    • 8. Used for Faster Mercedes ECU data and EIS password calculation
    • 9. No need to remove and reinsert the key for W221 & W164 after 2009 models
    • 10. It helps to reduce the time for reading the ECU data from W204 and W207 EISs by over 85%.

    Comparison Between G-BOX1 & G-BOX2:

    • 1. Mercedes DAS3 add keys and all keys lost on bench. (both)
    • 2. Mercedes DAS3 all keys lost on vehicle. (both)
    • 3. Read engine control module password by boot. (both)
    • 4. Read Bosch ME/MED/MEVD/EDC 17 Engine control module password on the bench. (G-BOX2 only)
    Autel G-box2 Instruction

    How does Autel G-Box Work?

    • A. OBDII Operation When All Keys of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Are Lost. (This method is suitable for Mercedes-Benz W204 , W207, W216 and W164 EISs after the year 2009)
    1. Connect the G-Box to vehicles's OBDII
    2. Remove the fuse of vehicle EIS, Connect the Relay ports to the fuse using the supplied fuse cable
    3. When the vehicle has an ELV, connect the K7 port and ELV plug using the supplied K-line cable
    4. Connect the G-Box to the Autel Diagnostic Tablet

      g-box2 connection

      • B. Desktop Operation When All Keys of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle are Lost. (This Method is suitable for all Mercedes-Benz EISs that are already supported by Autel Diagnostic Tablet.)
      1. Connect the G-Box to the Mercedes-Benz EIS using the supplied DB15 Cable
      2. Connect to the DC port of G-Box using a power adapter (DV 12V)
      3. Connect the G-Box to the Autel Diagnostic Tablet

      g-box2 connection

      G-Box2 Package includes:

      • 1PC x Autel G-BOX2
      • 1PC x DB15 Cable
      • 1PC x K-Line Cable
      • 1PC x Fuse Cable
      • 2PCs x Fuse (5A)
      • 2PCs x Clamp Cable
      • 1PC x OBDII Extension Cable
      • 1PC x Quick Reference Guide
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    this gbox2 is a very good tool to work with my im608. very helpful to add keys on mercedes