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Autel MaxiAP AP200C Wireless OBDII Scan Tool | ABS/SRS Diagnosis | ABS Bleed | Airbag Reset | Car Service Tool with Oil Reset/EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS/Throttle Optional

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  • Autel MaxiAP AP200C

    MaxiAP AP200C is equipped with 1 Year Free use on ABS/SRS system Diagnosis & Service Functions, and In-App Purchase of Oil Reset, Throttle, DPF, EPB, SAS, BMS Hot Services depend on your need.

    Note: AP200C CAN NOT support tablet devices.

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C

    Why Choose Autel MaxiAP AP200C?

    • 1-Year Free Use on ABS, SRS Diagnosis & Service Function - Autel AP200C Wireless Scan Tool comes with 1-Year Free ABS, SRS diagnostics & ABS Bleed, Airbag Reset Services
    • In-App Purchase - Oil, Throttle, DPF, EPB, SAS, BMS Hot Services depend on your need(ABS/SRS Diagnosis & Service Functions cost $ 39.99/Year, and only $29.99/Year in-app purchase for one extra Service function choice if needed)
    • Perfect DIY Diagnostic Tools for Home & Mechanic - This car diagnostic scanner AP200C is easy to use by guiding you directly to Fast Matching/Auto Scan/DTC Clearance, save your times to read real-time vehicle data, also replay the history recording, generate diagnostic reports, communicate with the vehicle via the purchased unit's OBDII dongle, are compatible with ALL vehicles over 1996, and APP is free to download from Google Playstore and the Apple's app store.
    • Wireless 10 Meters BT Communication & Complete OBDII/EOBD - Read Codes, Erase Codes, DTC Lookup for 1996 and newer U.S. Domestic, Asian & European vehicles. Live Data, I/M Readiness Status(Smog Check), O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test & Component Test, view freeze frame data, Component Test, DTC Lookup, Vehicle Info, Module Present on ALL OBD2 compliant vehicles.
    • Data Logging - AP200C car diagnostic scanner comes with Data Logging function where you can view all sent and saved data logging on the system.

    Why Choose Autel MaxiAP AP200C

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C Main Features

    1. Read/clear codes on U.S., Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer. Check Emissions Status. Review Live Data;
    2. Supports diagnostic and service functions of ABS and SRS systems;
    3. Easily perform the most common maintenance services. Service Menu Includes: Oil Reset/ Throttle / DPF / EPB / SAS / BMS / Airbag resets and ABS bleed for all vehicle makes models;
    4. Perfect for the DIY auto mechanic. Save time/money by servicing your vehicle yourself;
    5. Pay for only the service function you need. Download ABS and SRS systems for all makes for free in the first year. (Renew system subscription after a year, additional service available with in-app purchase);
    6. ABS / SRS Renew fee is 39.99USD per year, Oil reset / Throttle / DPF / EPB / SAS / BMS purchase price is 29.99USD per year.

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C wireless connection

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C Easy Setup

    • Step 1 - Download & Install the MaxiAP AP200 App.
    • Step 2 - Register an Autel ID with your Email and Log in.
    • Step 3 - Bind the AP200C device by scanning the QR code.
    • Step 4 - Install the 1 year free ABS, SRS software or puchase and install other optional service function In-App software.
    • Step 5 - Plug the AP200C into the car OBD2 port and turn ignition on.
    • Step 6 - Turn on BT of your smartphone and pair the AP200C with your (Android / IOS ) smartphone.
    • Step 7 - Connection done! You can scan your car now!

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C setup guide

    1.When first using the device, please download the main APP: "MaxiAP AP200" on your Android smartphone or iPhone, If necessary, the main APP will automatically guide you to download the vice-APP, such as AP200C, AP200C_Asia, AP200C_usa, AP200C_bmw, AP200C_dms, etc.
    2.Apps do NOT support iPad or Android tablets.

    ABS/SRS Diagnostic & Other Reset Services

    Autel AP200C ABS, SRS Scan Tool comes with 12 Months Free ABS, SRS diagnostic and service apps that can work on various American, European and Asian makes and models to scan ABS and SRS(Airbag) systems to perform dianostics and ABS Auto Bleed and Airbag Reset service functions.

    Note: ABS, SRS functions does NOT work on all vehicles. Please send us VIN number to check compatibility before purchase.👉Contact us👈

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C functions

    6 Service Functions Available At USD29.99/EA. With In-App Purchase

    • Oil Reset - Perform reset for the Engine Oil Life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate.
    • EPB Service - Deactivating and activating the brake control system, assisting with brake fluid control, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.
    • SAS Calibration - Permanently stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM.
    • DPF Regeneration - Manage DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
    • BMS Service - Evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.
    • Throttle Service - Initialize the actuator of the vehicle throttle to make the ECU learned value return to the initial status so as to control the intake air volume more accurately.

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C service functions

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C Specification

    Communications: BL 4.2 Dual-Mode
    Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    Input Voltage Range: 9 VDC to 26 VDC
    Supply Current: 100 mA@12 V
    Sleep Mode Current: 3 mA@12 V
    Operating Temp: 0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temp: -20°C to 70°C
    Dimensions (L*W*H):

    59 mm (2.32'') * 44 mm (1.73'') * 21.5mm (0.85'')

    Weight 32.1g (0.07 lb.)

    Autel MaxiAP AP200C Package List

    • 1 x AP200C main unit
    • 1 x User manual
    • 1 x AP200C Lanyard

    Some Information You Wish You Know Before Buying

    Q: Is your company an authorized dealer of Autel?

    A: Yes, we are an official authorized online reseller of Autel. You can enter the Autel official website, click "where to buy" in the menu bar, and then select "online", the first "AO Jia Si" is our company.

    Autel authorized resellers

    Q: If I buy a product, where will it be shipped from? Do I need to pay any other fees?

    A: We have UK, France, Germany, Spain and other warehouses in Europe. If you are located in the UK, the products will be dispatched from the UK warehouse, the logistics time is 3-5 days, and the delivery company is Royal Mail/Yodel. Free shipping, you don't need to pay other fees.

    Q: When does the one-year free upgrade start to count? Will normal use be affected if I do not purchase the upgrade service after one year?

    A: The one-year free upgrade service for each device starts when you register and log in to your account, and you can check the expiration time in the settings. After one year, if you do not continue to purchase the upgrade service, it will not affect your normal use of Autel devices, but you will not be able to update the latest upgraded functions.

    Q: How can I make sure the product will work properly in my vehicle? If something goes wrong, can I return it?

    A: Our products can be used on any OBD2 compliant vehicle, with the difference that partial reset services and advanced features are only available on some brands of vehicles. So, to ensure your shopping experience, please send the VIN of your vehicle and your needs to our Email--👉Contact us👈, we will reply you within one working day.
    We guarantee 30 days no reason to refund, if it is not due to quality problems, you need to pay for the postage.

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    ap200c and ap200m and ap200h comparison
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    • Question: Does the AP200C match my vehicle and can do what I want to achieve?

      Answer: Please send the VIN number and the functions you need to perform to to check compatibility before purchase. We will help confirm and offer a best price.

    • Question: Works for bmw motorcycles too?

      Answer: No, it can't

    • Question: In AP200C, which functions are free and which functions need to be purchased?

      Answer: Autel AP200C Wireless Scan Tool comes with 1-Year Free ABS, SRS diagnostics & ABS Bleed, Airbag Reset Services, Oil, Throttle, DPF, EPB, SAS, BMS Hot Services depend on your need

    • Question: Which apps do I need to download to use the AP200C?

      Answer: First of all, there are installation instructions in the box, which can guide you to download the app and connect to the vehicle. Secondly, the APP you need to download is MaxiAP-AP200, download and install it and log in to your Autel account.

    • Question: What should I do if I receive the device and feel unsatisfied or not meeting my needs?

      Answer: When you encounter any problems, you can contact us at any time. Even if you have logged in to your account, after using the device and feel that it cannot meet your needs, we guarantee a 30-day refund without quality problems

    • Software Update
  • Benefits of Updating Your Tool to Latest

    1. Tool Software/Function Upgrades: Get the latest features and functions as they roll out from Autel
    2. Latest Vehicle Coverage: Service all the latest makes and models supported by Autel
    Autel Scanner Software Update/ Autel Total Care Program Benefit

    How do we process your update service?

    1. After checkout, please send us your S/N and we will authorize your scanner within 24 hours.
    2. After authorizing, we will send you an notification and you will be able to renew your device online.
    How do we process your update service How do we process your update service

    Please note: This update is very easy to operate, no shipping needed

    Why buy update service from us?

    We are Autel Authorized Dealer, we offer better price than others.

    Product Model Our Update Price Market Update Price
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    IM508/IM100 229 254 Shop Now
    TS608 172 214 Shop Now
    TS608 Pre 172 214 Shop Now
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Carlos F.
Portugal Portugal


It was good, but I was wondering if the AP200c also diagnoses the engine.

Richard J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Not altogether what I expected

I bought the scanner to bleed the abs on a year 2000 Mercedes. It says in the blurb that it works with all cars post 1996. It doesn’t. Our of 4 generations of the Mercedes A class, it only works with the third generation. I will use it for other cars but am disappointed it’s not as billed.

United States United States

Good OBD2 bluetooth scanner

Tried a few different cheap 'blue' ones and this was my last gamble before buying a much more expensive reader. I WON! Does everything it says. Downloaded the free app (Google Play Store or Apple Store) and works great! Connected easily to both my cars and setup is really easy. This little thing can do car maintenance services! Checked my car's Airbag and ABS, worked great!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Isso funciona muito bem e é um ótimo valor!

Consegui fazer o sangramento automático do abdômen do carro da minha esposa sem ir a uma concessionária e verificar os códigos de problemas do carro. Pagou-se imediatamente em comparação com o que o revendedor teria cobrado para fazer essas duas tarefas simples.

2023-12-9 2023-12-11