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Autel MX-Sensor 1-Sensor combines 315MHz and 433MHz 2 in 1 TPMS sensor

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  • MX-Sensor 2in 1-Sensor

    Autel 1-Sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor with 98% vehicle coverage. The exclusive MX-Sensor patented PRESS release valve stem design, allows rubber and metal valve stems to freely interchange by hand, without requiring a tool for sensor head fitting. Built to match or exceed OEM sensors in frequency strength and durability, MX-Sensors are 100% ID clone-able with no relearn required and offer latest model vehicle coverage because they quickly update during installation with an Autel wireless programming tool.

    1-Sensor powerful functions

    Greatly reduce sensor inventory investment with the 1-SKU Autel MX-Sensor 1-Sensor solution providing 98% vehicle coverage. The easy to use exclusive PRESS release valve design, reduces tire and wheel service time to increase profits. With both rubber and metal accessory valves available, easily choose the preferred valve stem to minimize installation time and provide a quick and simple assembly.

    Autel 2 in 1 sensor benefits

    98% Vehicle Coverage Limited 1-SKU Inventory

    An easy to use and cost effective necessity for any shop performing TPMS repairs, the Autel 1-SKU sensor inventory solution with 98% vehicle coverage eliminates the need for distributors to carry the hundreds of sensors to fulfill shop orders. On the shop level, needing only 1-Sensor to service nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle means lower repair cost and higher install efficiency.

    Superior Battery Reliability Lower Sensor Weight

    With the highest quality materials and advanced TPMS technology, AUTEL 1-Sensor provides superior battery life and reliability, to match OE sensor battery performance. The 1-Sensor body weighs only 12g, making it significantly lighter than most sensors in the market, which ensures better sensor stability and performance.

    Exclusive Press Release Interchangeable Valve Stems

    The patented press release valve design allows interchangeable rubber and metal valves to be easily replaced in the same sensor head by hand, with no valve fitting tool required. Simply click in and press out. Installing TPMS sensors has never been so easy.

    Maximum Signal Strength Wireless Programming

    The extraordinary sensor signal strength allows AUTEL 1-Sensor to be easily programmed wirelessly even when the sensors have already been mounted to the wheel. And with strong signal strength, now up to 16 sensors can be programmed in one session with AUTEL latest TPMS tools. AUTEL MX-Sensor is 100% clone-able. No relearn is required when the MX-Sensor is cloned with the original sensor ID and put in the same position.

    Sae Tested & Certified Strict Quality Control

    Autel high-quality MX-Sensor is tested and certified to meet SAE industry standard J1205 / J1206 testing. AUTEL guarantees MX-Sensor are free from manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever option comes first. Each Autel MX-Sensor has a series number for assuring quality control. The series number is imprinted on the sensor or can be read with Autel TPMS tools. With the series number, Autel can track the sensor quality from our factory manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality parts are installed.

    How to Install Autel MX-Sensor 1 Sensor?

    1. Loose the tire: Remove the valve cap and core and deflate the tire.
    2. Dismount the tire: Clamp the tire onto the tire changer, and adjust the valve at 1 o’clock relative to the tire separation head. Insert the tire tool and lift the tire bead onto the mounting head to discount the head.
    3. Dismount the sensor: With a screwdriver remove the fastening screw and sensor from the Valve stem, then loosen the nut and remove the valve.
    4. Mount sensor and valve: Slide the valve stem through the valve hole of the rim. Tighten the screw-nut with 4.0 Nm with the help of the positioning pin. Assemble the sensor body against the rim and tighten the screw.
    5. Mount the tire: Place the tire on the rim, making sure that the valve faces the separation head at an angle of 180 degrees. Mount the tire over the rim.

    MX-Sensor 1 Sensor Specifications

    • Battery Life: ≥5 years
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C – 125°C
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C t – 125°C
    • Operating Humidity: ≤90%
    • Operating Frequency: 315 MHz~433MHz
    • Max. Pressure range: 800 kPa
    • Temperature Reading Range: -40°C – 125°C
    • Temperature Reading Accuracy: ±5°C
    • G Sensor Reading Accuracy: ±15%
    • Transmission Power: 5-8dBm
    • Battery: 3.0 V
    • Dimensions: Approx. 42.4*24.1*16.0 mm
    • Weight of Sensor without Valve: 12 g

    MX-Sensor 1 Sensor Package List:

    • 1x Main Unit
    • 1x User Manual
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Jaspreet D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
What you need to know if you're new to this

These are fantastic sensors. They work in almost any car. I've seen negative reviews and I want to help clear things up. Two things need to occur for these to work and for your car to recognize them (which will turn off TPMS sensor light warning). First: Understand TPMS sensors broadcast their ID # and the current tire pressure. Your car will ignore them unless it knows to look for them. Imagine that your car has a spreadsheet with 4 or 5 slots for your 4 tires and possibly one spare, and that spreadsheet says TIRE1: 123456, TIRE2: ABCDEF, TIRE3: 140GNB, TIRE4: 20RMS0. If those TPMP sensors are not programmed to read 123456, ABCDEF, 140GNB, 20RMS0, then your car will give a warning light. It will also give a warning light of the TPMS are broken or the tire pressure is too low. The codes do not have to be what I listed, but just understand they are random letters and numbers and are stored in your car. You can change that 'spreadsheet' in your car if your sensors already have ID #'s, but you need a tool to do so. To install: 1: Install the sensor in the wheel and PROGRAM it. Programming the sensor means you take an Autel or Bartec TPMS programmer and give these sensors an ID. They come BLANK so they WILL NOT WORK without programming them. Give them a code. PROTIP: If you can figure out the codes of each of your current or old tires/TPMS sensors (or at least the ones the car recognizes), you can program these sensors to match the old sensors and everything will magically work. You won't even need to do step 2 to get rid of that TPMS warning light. 2. Program your car to recognize the new TPMS sensor ID's. If you buy these sensors, the easiest thing to do is make them match your old sensor ID's that your car already recognizes. No matter what you do though, if you create new sensor ID's, you need to tell your car what those new ID's are. This can be done with more advanced Autel or Bartec TPMS machines. Your dealership can do this as well. THERE IS ONE MORE STEP: Hit the TPMS reset button in your car. It's typically a small black button located under the steering wheel, probably way lower at the bottom of the plastic by your legs. This, contrary to popular belief, is not something that reprograms the car to learn new sensors. All this does is make the car re-learn which of the 4 tires on the spreadsheet are in which location (front left, back right, etc..). This is only necessary for cars that display individual tire pressures. That is all. If you want to know what your current sensor IDs are so you can use these to program those same ID's to make this whole process faster, most auto shops (Autozone, O'Reilys, etc..) will let you borrow one for free. HOWEVER, none that I could find let you use one at all with programming capabilities. Most tire shops I contacted will program these sensors and program my car for about $6 a tire... but most also wanted me to make an appointment. Just to give rough numbers I was finding. Hope this helps at least one person who wants to buy cheap sensors but doesn't really know what they do. These versions are programmable which is absolutely not necessary unless you either want these for lots of different types of cars, or if you want these to match your current tires (either because they broke or because you have 2 sets of wheels (summer/winter) and want to change them without having o reprogram the car.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Used this as two other "new" OEM sensors were faulty. This device was easy to programme with the Autel TS501 TPMS diagnostic tool and worked perfectly. I will use these again.