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Autel Maxisys Ultra review:intelligent, top diagnostic tools

Autel Maxisys Ultra depth review

Intelligent diagnostics

The top-of-the-line Autel Ultra offers intelligent diagnostics, providing a comprehensive and detailed description of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) after diagnosis. Furthermore, the Ultra displays DTCs in a topology diagram, allowing mechanics to easily locate and analyze error data, enabling fast and effective troubleshooting.

Topology map diagnosic

Autel Maxisys Ultra utilizes a distinctive topology map diagnosis, employing a tree diagram to facilitate mechanics in comprehending the interconnection among diagnosed vehicle fault codes. This efficient approach,Autel Maxisys Ultra equiped, enables them to promptly address and prioritize specific issues for repair.

Autel 5 in 1 MaxiFlash VCMI

The Autel MaxiFlash Elite VCMI also carries Oscilloscope,Waveform generator,Multimeter and OBD Communication with a market value of over £1,500. Currently, only the Autel Ultra scanner and Ultra EV support oscilloscope diagnostics, as oscilloscope accessories have been discontinued.

Maxiflash Elite function picture

Diagnostic function

Active test

Autel's most ambitious diagnostics tablet Ultra, which supports the diagnostics and two-way control of the car, can actively issue commands to the car through the Ultra tablet to help the mechanic determine the fault of the car.

Autel Ultra scanner active test function

Online ECU Coding & Programming

  • Online Coding:
  • Ultra carries online coding capabilities, mainly for data calibration, and it can reactivate or deactivate certain functions to help deal with car faults.

  • Online Programming:
  • The Autel Maxisys Ultra Diagnostic tablet features an online programming function that enables mechanics to access programming services for Mercedes and BMW vehicles. This service enhances the firmware and software capabilities of the ECU itself, improving performance and functionality.


    Expand service

    The Autel Maxisys Ultra expand functions

    Reset service

    Autel Maxisys Ultra supports 40 or more reset services, comprehensively covering common oil reset services in major automotive systems such as engines, SAS, BMS, oil reset, etc.

    Case of intelligent diagnostic with Autel Maxisys Ultra

    For those of you who have had some experience with Autel Maxisys Ultra, you should know that the biggest selling point of the Maxisys Ultra is its support for complete intelligent diagnostics.

    Let's take a 2013 chevrolet cruze as an example to test Ultra's smart diagnostics capabilities.

    • First,let's click Auto detect in Autel Maxisys Ultra screen

    Autel Ultra intelligent diagnostic step 1 picture

    • Second,choose vehicle information,then you can get a topology diagram

    Autel Ultra intelligent diagnostic step 2 picture

    • The biggest feature is that we can continue to click on the topology,Autel Maxisys Ultra scanner can automatically identify the ECM while scanning, and we can view the list.

    Autel Ultra intelligent diagnostic step 3 picture

    • Next click Maxisys Ultra to enter the intelligent diagnosis page

    Autel Ultra intelligent diagnostic step 4 picture

    On the Autel Maxisys Ultra car diagnostic scan tool page, you can see the DTC analysis, click on it and you will get the rundown on the code set criteria, which gives us a good background information to help us with vehicle maintenance.

    • The coolest part is the oscilloscope application launcher

    Autel Maxisys Ultra professional diagnostic platform has a cursor built into the oscilloscope function in this piece of intelligent diagnostics, so that you can place the cursor on each scale and see its detailed data

    Autel Ultra intelligent diagnostic step 5 picture

    • Finally, we can view the data in repair assist

    Autel Maxisys Ultra vs Autel Elite II Pro

    Compared to the Maxisys Elite II, the Autel Ultra is a 2023 Top Auto Scanner with 40+ Service, and supports a complete intelligent diagnostic service, carrying a 5-in-1 VCMI, supporting advanced diagnostic services such as oscilloscope diagnosis.

    Model Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro Autel Maxisy Ultra
    ROM 128G 256G
    VCI MaxiFlash VCI MaxiFlash VCMI
    Supports matching with EV Diag Box /
    intelligent diagnostic √(Component testing is not supported)

    Who is suitable for Autel Ultra?

    As Autel's flagship diagnostic product, Autel Ultra truly offers more accurate, fast and precise diagnostics than its predecessors. His intelligent diagnosis, with VCMI, with oscilloscope function, can accurately see the situation of the vehicle at every moment, very suitable for the needs of professional machine repair personnel.

    Autel's most ambitious Ultra diagnostics tablet

    Diagnostic layout

    • Autel Maxisys Ultra unpacking picture 1
    • Autel Maxisys Ultra unpacking picture 2

    Autel Ultra function

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