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Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Review: professional Full-System and OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Want to purchase a full-System, full OBD2 functions automotive scanner and with under $200? Then you've landed on the right page. Autel MD805 is built for you!

Next, you will read an honest review of the truly affordable full system scanner Autel MaxiDiag MD805.

Before reading you should know, MaxiDiag MD805 is produced by one of the most notable brands(Autel) on the market. And the Autel MaxiDiag MD805 scanner equips the two latest features EPB and Oil reset.

NOW! Let’s check out the detailed review of Autel MD805.

Autel MD805 full system scanner
Autel MD805 Full System Full OBD2 Functions Scanner

Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner is the first truly affordable full system scanner. For a price that is half its equivalent elite version, it can read and effectively clear O.E.M enhanced codes.

Review Content

1. Specifications of the Autel md805 MaxiDiag
2. What makes the Autel MD805 worth buying?
    2.1 Full System Diagnostics
    2.2 Full OBDII with 10 test modes
    2.3 Advanced EPB and Oil Reset Functions
    2.4 Wide vehicle coverage
    2.5 Free software updates
3. Different between Autel MD805 and MD802
4. Author review Autel MD805 
5. Written in Bottom

Specifications of the Autel md805 MaxiDiag

Features Autel md802
Works: ALL available systems for most of the European,
Asian and domestic vehicles after 1996
Check Engine Light: Yes
Freeze frame Data: Yes
Transmission: Yes
Retrieving I/M Readiness: Yes
Component test: Yes
Live Data: Yes
ON-board monitor test: Yes
Engine Module PCM: Yes
Transmission Module TCM: Yes
50+ Other Module Coverage: Yes
Viewing vehicle information: Yes
Oil Reset Service: Yes
Software Update: Yes, Life-time of free
Automatic VIN Acquisition: Yes
Broad Vehicle Coverage: Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda,Isuzu, Kia,
Daewoo, Mazda, Holden, Maybach, BWM, Mini, VW, Seat, Skoda,
Audi, Acura, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Bens,Hyundai, Smart,
Sprinter, Opel, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche,Jaguar, Saab, EU Ford,
Ford, GM, Chrysler, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Citroen, Renault, Dacia,
Fiat, Abarth, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Lancia.
Warranty: One Year Warranty

Autel MD805
Check Today’s Price 

What makes the Autel MD805 worth buying?

Full System Diagnostics

Autel MaxiDiag MD805 support Full System Diagnostics.can work on all systems including Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, EPB, Steering Wheel, SAS, BMS, Oil Service Reset, TPMS

Capable of diagnosing problems such as a shaking car driven at various speeds, the source of the burnt smell, and leaking fluids.

Other functions that you will be able to diagnose using Autel MaxiDiag MD805 include ABS, Engine, and BMS.M

Full OBDII with 10 test modes

The OBD II Diagnostics function is a fast-access option that allows you to carry out a quick test on the engine system of OBD II vehicles.

Autel MaxiDiag MD805 can perform all the 10 test modes accurately and incredibly fast.

Capable of retrieving and read codes, obtain live data, I/M readiness status, Freeze frame, and O2 test, and onboard Monitor test.

You can also perform component tests and access your car VIN.

The best aspect of Autel MaxiDiag MD805 is the speed at which it retrieves data when scanning your car.

Note: You are forced to turn off the ignition for at least 10 seconds when the operation error appears.

Autel md805 support 10 obd2 functions
Full OBDII functions with 10 test modes

Advanced EPB and Oil Reset Functions

If you have ever been stuck on EPB lights and simply couldn’t disengage the parking brake, then you will really appreciate Autel MaxiDiag MD805 scanner.

You will notice that an ordinary scanner or code reader cannot reset EPB.

However, Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner has EPB reset feature. It will not only allow you to reset EPB but also diagnose the entire brake system.

It can pinpoint out the faults within the brake system. And once the fault is fixed you can reset EPB with a single push of a button.

Advanced EPB and Oil Reset Functions
MD805 performs EPB, Oil reset, etc

Knowing when to change your car oil can be a bit confusing. But with Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner it’s pretty easy to establish when you need to have an oil change.

Once you have replaced your oil then you need to reset the oil lamp.

The good news is that Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner allows you to quickly reset the oil lamp with a single push of a button.

Other than resetting the oil lamp, the oil reset feature will detect other faults that may result when the oil drops below the recommended levels.

Wide vehicle coverage

Whenever you want to diagnose a number of car models then Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner should be the first choice to consider.

This is because it covers most of the U. S, Asian, and European models manufactured after 1996.

Free software updates

You will be able to diagnose all your cars including even the latest model with Autel MaxiDiag MD805 Scanner.

This is because the software has a lifetime updatable status. It means that you will only have to part with your money once and get to access all other functions for free.

Different between Autel MD805 and MD802

  1. MD805 is an updated version of MD802 and it can be updated more quickly;
  2. MD805 has a smaller package than 802, so it's more convenient for you to carry it everywhere you want.
  3. It has the best price for all system functions(ABS/SRS/EPB/BMS/Transmission/Oil Reset/Airbag/Engine), it's cheaper and more affordable.

different between autel md805 and md802
Different between Autel MD805 and MD802

Author review Autel MD805

If you are a mechanic or a professional tech then the scanner is built for you. Basically, Autel MaxiDiag MD805 can perform both basic and advanced functions.

If you want to purchase a full-System, full OBD2 functions automotive scanner and with under $200, then you found it.

Written in Bottom

All in word, Autel MaxiDiag MD805 is an affordable scanner that can support full system diagnosis.

If you don't want to spend more money and have a full system scanner, the MD805 is built for you. But every product is not perfect, MD805 also has its small flaws. If must give this scanner a score, I will give 8 of 10.


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