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 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and tpms tool

What’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and tpms tool review

Maybe you have heard tpms tools or have seen the tpms tool in car repair shop, but do you really know what’s tpms? Or which tpms tool is best?

TPMS = tire pressure monitoring system

TPMS an abbreviation for tire pressure monitoring system is a warning system that warns a vehicle's operator of an unsafe change in the air pressure in one or more of the tires. Readings are provided by pressure sensing transmitters mounted inside each tire and sent to a central computer (ECU) for display on the dashboard. A warning indicator light on the instrument panel and an audible warning notify the driver if a 25% drop in pressure occurs.

TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

TPMS with your safe

Prior to the rollout of tire pressure monitoring systems, drivers often failed to realize that their tire pressure was low which led to increasingly dangerous conditions while driving. Improper tire pressure resulted in a great number of accidents–most of which could have easily been avoided had the driver been aware of when to check tire pressure and adjust the inflation level accordingly.

automobile accident fatalities annually are caused by underinflated tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that 660 U.S. automobile accident fatalities annually are caused by underinflated tires.

Tire Pressure Light

If your automobile has a tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, you probably have one of the following indicators on your dashboard:

Tire Pressure Light

Regardless of the style of alert you have in your car, when it lights up, your tires are sending you a very important message: One or more of your tires is significantly underinflated and you or an auto service technician needs to take a closer look as soon as possible.

How to diagnostic my tire pressure

  • TPMS automatically checks to ensure you have the right tire pressure if vehicle has a TPMS.
  • If don’t have TPMS,The best way to buy the tpms tool for your vehicle.
  • Or you can go repair shop but it can't check your tire pressure every time and have to pay for each time.

diagnostic my tire pressure

Some common use tpms tool and their review

1. Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K

Review: TS508 + 8PC 433MHz Sensors, PRICE about $430.27 USD

2. Autel TS508

Review: The TS508 is a new generation complete TPMS tool that have two service modes, to provide faster and smarter TPMS repairs. PRICE about $325.96 USD

common use tpms tool

3. Autel TS501

Review: MaxiTPMS TS501 TPMS diagnostic and service tool is specially developed to activate any known OEM / Universal TPMS sensor, and reprogram the vehicle’s ECU. This will in turn off the warning symbol on the dash. PRICE about $250.34 USD


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