Different between Indirect TPMS and direct TPMS

Different between Indirect TPMS and direct TPMS

What’s TPMS? We have talked about it last week , but do you know TPMS included Indirect TPMS and direct TPMS, and different between indirect TPMS and direct TPMS, then let’s talk about indirect TPMS, direct TPMS and different between indirect TPMS and direct TPMS.

Indirect TPMS: What is indirect TPMS & how does it work?

An indirect TPMS typically relies on wheel speed sensors that the anti-lock brake system uses. These sensors measure the rate of revolution each wheel is making and can be used by on-board computer systems to compare with each other and to other vehicle operation data such as speed.

Based on the rate of revolution of each wheel, the computer can interpret the relative size of the tires on your vehicle. When a wheel starts spinning faster than expected, the computer calculates that the tire is underinflated and alert the driver accordingly.

What is indirect TPMS and how does it work?
Indirect TPMS

So, an indirect tire pressure monitoring system doesn’t actually measure tire pressure. It’s not electronically processing the same kind of measurement you might see with a tire gauge. Instead, an indirect tire pressure monitor simply measures how fast your tires are rotating and sends signals to the computer that will actuate the indicator light when something in the rotation seems amiss.

Direct TPMS: What is direct TPMS & how does it work?

Direct TPMS uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tire that monitor specific pressure levels – not just wheel revolution data from the anti-lock brake system.Direct TPMS tools like MaxiTPMS TS508K.

What is direct TPMS and how does it work?
Direct TPMS

Sensors in a direct TPMS may even provide tire temperature readings. The direct tire pressure monitoring system sends all of this data to a centralized control module where it’s analyzed, interpreted, and, if tire pressure is lower than it should be, transmitted directly to your dashboard where the indicator light illuminates. A direct tire pressure monitor usually sends all of this data wirelessly. Each sensor has a unique serial number. This is how the system not only distinguishes between itself and systems on other vehicles but also among pressure readings for each individual tire.

Sensors in a direct TPMS
Sensors in a direct TPMS 

Different between Indirect TPMS and direct TPMS

1. Direct TPMS deliver actual tire pressure readings from inside the tire

2. Indirect TPMS relatively inexpensive compared to a direct TPMS and Requires less programming/maintenance

3. Directs TPMS: Simple resynchronization and not prone to inaccuracies because of tire rotations or tire replacements

4. Indirect TPMS: May become inaccurate if you purchase a bigger or smaller tire; May be unreliable when tires are unevenly worn; Must be reset after properly inflating every tire; Must be reset after routine tire rotation

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