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June 23 - June 30

Month-end clearance sale, get Autel Tools at a lower price on holiday sale price, and enjoy all the warranty and technical support services provided by OBDPRICE.

Model Discount Code Discounted Price 
MS908S Pro/MS906TS/MK906BT 100 £100
DS808K/ITS600 50 £50
TS501/TS508 30 £30
MX Sensor(Buy 8 and more at once.) sensor £30

Notice: The discount code will only take effect when you purchase the corresponding product. For example, when you enter "100" when you purchase the DS808K, the discount code will not take effect.

A one-time purchase of 8 Autel MX Senosrs costs 74.99*2=149.98. After entering "sensor", the price is 119.98, and the average price per Sensor is £15. Best Deal!!

If you want to buy Autel 2-in-1 TPMS Sensor, now is the best chance, contact us via WhatsApp or email and we will give you the best price.

obdprice clearance