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Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro | 2022 Newest Scanner | Upgraded Version of MD806 | Full System Diagnostics | Most 7 Special Services | DTC Lookup | Data Playback/Print

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  • Autel Maxidiag MD806 Pro

    The MD806 Pro is temporarily out of stock. The MD808 Pro has the same functions as the MD806 Pro. You can click the link to view the detailed introduction.>>MD808 Pro

    As an upgraded scanner of Autel MD802, MD806, MD806 Pro can read/erase full systems (ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Powertrain systems etc.) codes, view live data for limited specific cars makes up to 2014/2015, and a few 2016. (not support 2019/2020 newer cars). 

    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro Main Features

    Why Buy Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro?

    • Useful 7 Service Functions For DIYers - MD806 Pro OBD2 Diagnostic scan tool also support 7 hot service functions, namely, BMS, Oil Reset, SRS, EPB, DPF, Throttle and Adjust A/F for limited specific 30+ car makes up to 2014/2015, and a few 2016.
      Note: The reset service is not suitable for all models, please send us your VIN and requirements by email, we will reply your model matching results in time.👉Contact us
    • Full OBDII Diagnostic Functions - Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro supports all 10 test modes of OBDII test: read & erase universal fault codes(not support manufacturer-specific codes), show live data stream, freeze frame data, view readiness status, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Component Test, retrieve vehicle information(CIN and CVN) , module present, and DTC Lookup, etc.
    • Retrive Information in 3 seconds & Data Review - Auto diagnostic scan tool MD806 Pro features Auto VIN feature that allows DIYers/ Pros to retrieve important Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) for efficient diagnosis. Data Playback and Data Printing(need windows-base PC) is available for better analysis.
    • Supporting Multi-language - MD806 Pro comes with English pre-installed
    • Lifetime Warranty - Software Lifetime Free Update& Warranty/It has already saved you hundreds in trips to the mechanic for diagnostics and resets.
    • Professional Costumer Services - Respond and solve your problems within 8 hours

    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro All 10 Modes Of OBD2 Test and More

    Autel MD806 Pro car scan tool supports all 10 modes of OBDII diagnostic functions including read and clear fault codes, view freeze frame data, retrieve I/M readiness to pass smog check, view live data stream of multiple sensors in text or graph, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test(Mode 6), Component Test to check EVAP system, DTC Lookup, Module Present and view vehicle information(VIN, CIN and CVN).

    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 Full Systems Diagnosis

    Autel MD806 Pro Commonly Used Services:

    1. EPB Reset: Reset brake pads after replacement of brake system.
    2. Oil Reset: Reset service mileage and service intervals after oil change and turn off the oil light.
    3. DPF Service: Perform DPF regeneration.
    4. SAS Calibration: Calibrate steering angle sensors and clear memories of previous data stored.
    5. BMS Service: Register battery after replacement.
    6. Throttle Service: Perform throttle services.

    Note: The reset service is not available for all models, please send us the VIN code of your vehicle and your needs.👉Contact us👈

    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro 7 Most Special Reset Services

    Autel Maxidiag MD806 Pro Detail Display:

    Autel Maxidiag MD806 Pro Detail Display

    Autel Maxidiag MD806 Pro Specification:

    Processor : ® Thumb® Processor running at up to 400 MHz
    Memory: 32MB, 166 MHz
    Display: 4.0 inch LCD with 800 x 480 resolution
    Connectivity: Mini USB: 2.0; Micro SD Card (16GB)
    Power Consumption: 1.7 W
    Operating Temperature: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
    Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
    Operating Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing
    Housing: Strong plastic housing with protective rubber boot
    Dimensions: 202 mm x 92 mm x 35 mm (8.35” x 3.62” x 1.4”)
    Weight: 313 g (0.69 lb.)

    Autel Maxidiag MD806 Pro Package:

    • 1x MD806 Pro Main Unit
    • 1x User Manual
    • 1x OBD II Cable
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x Micro SD Card
    • 1x Quick Guide
    • 1x Carry Case
    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro Package List

    Some Information You Wish You Know Before Buying

    Q: Is your company an authorized dealer of Autel?

    A: Yes, we are an official authorized online reseller of Autel. You can enter the Autel official website, click "where to buy" in the menu bar, and then select "online", the first "AO Jia Si" is our company.

    Autel authorized resellers

    Q: If I buy a product, where will it be shipped from? Do I need to pay any other fees?

    A: We have UK, France, Germany, Spain and other warehouses in Europe. If you are located in the UK, the products will be dispatched from the UK warehouse, the logistics time is 3-5 days, and the delivery company is Royal Mail/Yodel. Free shipping, you don't need to pay other fees.

    Q: When does the one-year free upgrade start to count? Will normal use be affected if I do not purchase the upgrade service after one year?

    A: The one-year free upgrade service for each device starts when you register and log in to your account, and you can check the expiration time in the settings. After one year, if you do not continue to purchase the upgrade service, it will not affect your normal use of Autel devices, but you will not be able to update the latest upgraded functions.

    Q: How can I make sure the product will work properly in my vehicle? If something goes wrong, can I return it?

    A: Our products can be used on any OBD2 compliant vehicle, with the difference that partial reset services and advanced features are only available on some brands of vehicles. So, to ensure your shopping experience, please send the VIN of your vehicle and your needs to our Email--👉Contact us👈, we will reply you within one working day.
    We guarantee 30 days no reason to refund, if it is not due to quality problems, you need to pay for the postage.

  • Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO: Diagnostics & Service Made Simple

    Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro — Introduction

    Notice:MD808 Pro is the offline version of MD806 Pro, there is no difference except appearance.

  • Product Comparison Between MD806 and MD806 Pro

    Product MD806 MD806 Pro
    OBDII Diagnosis
    Engine System
    Transmission System
    Anti-lock Braking System
    Supplemental Restraint System
    Electrical Park Brake System
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    Steering System
    Air Conditioning System
    Battery Management System
    Chassis System Division
    Brake Assist System
    Security System
    Reset Services
    Oil Service Reset
    SAS Reset
    EPB Service
    BMS Reset
    DPF Reset
    Throttle Adaptation
    Adjust A/F

    Note: The reset service feature is not available on all models. Pls send VIN and your needs to 👉Contact us👈to check.

  • Name


    Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro User Manual V1.0

    • Question: Does the MD806 Pro match my vehicle and can do what I want to achieve?

      Answer: MD806 Pro works on most 1996 and newer vehicles(OBDII & CAN)-domestic and import. For the matching results of specific models, you can consult us by email or WhatsApp and tell us your vehicle VIN and your needs, and we will inform you of the results in time.

    • Question: How should I upgrade my handheld tool?

      Answer: The specific steps can be viewed by clicking the Youtube video link below.
      Failed Update Resolution: How To Unbrick Your Autel Handheld Tool

    • Question: What should I do if I receive the device and feel unsatisfied or not meeting my needs?

      Answer: When you encounter any problems, you can contact us at any time. Even if you have logged in to your account, after using the device and feel that it cannot meet your needs, we guarantee a 30-day refund without quality problems

  • Benefits of Updating Your Tool to Latest

    1. Tool Software/Function Upgrades: Get the latest features and functions as they roll out from Autel
    2. Latest Vehicle Coverage: Service all the latest makes and models supported by Autel
    Autel Scanner Software Update/ Autel Total Care Program Benefit

    How do we process your update service?

    1. After checkout, please send us your S/N and we will authorize your scanner within 24 hours.
    2. After authorizing, we will send you an notification and you will be able to renew your device online.
    How do we process your update service How do we process your update service

    Please note: This update is very easy to operate, no shipping needed

    Why buy update service from us?

    We are Autel Authorized Dealer, we offer better price than others.

    Product Model Our Update Price Market Update Price
    Maxisys Ultra 990 1230 Shop Now
    MS919 757 940 Shop Now
    MS909 757 940 Shop Now
    Maxisys Elite 757 940 Shop Now
    Maxisys CV 757 940 Shop Now
    MK908P 757 940 Shop Now
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    MK906 289 359 Shop Now
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    Maxisys Mini MS905 560 695 Shop Now
    DS808TS 350 435 Shop Now
    DS808 204 254 Shop Now
    DS808K 204 254 Shop Now
    MP808/ MP808K 204 254 Shop Now
    MK808BT 88 109 Shop Now
    MK808 100 124.5 Shop Now
    MX808TS 172 214 Shop Now
    MX808 73 90 Shop Now
    IM608/IM600 523 635 Shop Now
    IM508/IM100 204 254 Shop Now
    TS608 172 214 Shop Now
    TS608 Pre 172 214 Shop Now
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    If you haven’t received your order within 2 days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at with your name and order number, and we will look into it for you.

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Duncan P.
United Kingdom

Great bang for your buck

I’ve been an automotive technician for almost 35 years and have more tools than I care to remember. I have recently retired but still work on cars at home. A few years back my house flooded and I lost much of my diagnostic equipment including my OTC genesys scan tool with all my updates. So I was in the market for something besides a basic code reader, I needed to view live data and to be able to perform some tests and functions. Low price was also important to me, I didn’t want to spend much being that I retired from wrenching. This scanner fit the bill. It is much lighter and smaller than my old bulky scan tool and way faster. Plus can do way more than my old scanner could. I definitely recommend this for a mechanic of any level even if you just want something to keep at home. Yes there are more expensive ones, but for the shade tree mechanic or the master mechanic like me that just wants a scanner to keep at home. This is a winner

Stephen M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Outstanding Auto Scan Function

I received the Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 Scanner/Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for Christmas. After a short review of the tool I connected it to my Honda Fit which I was having issues with. The MD806's one touch auto scan function performed a comprehensive scan of all systems on the vehicle’s ECU within a matter of minutes. To my surprise the tool identified a system fault which I was able to reset using the tool and since have fixed saving me hundreds of dollars. I found the tool to be vey user friendly, easy to navigate and well laid out screens. If you're looking for a great scanner at a great price, I highly recommend the Autel MD806 pro.

Steven b.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Autel MD806 Scanner

Works well for my needs. Used on a KIA to diagnose problems before taking it to the dealer to repair the Sorento again. Knew what needed to be done and what was not needed. Saved some money on the repair by turning down some so-called repairs that was not needed. A good investment in this tool. Recommend highly. I have not needed to contact tech support yet. The only complaint is the LCD screen is a little hard to read in direct sunlight.

Dave W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Works Great on 2019 Porsche Macan

After a few minutes of digging around on the website to find the updates, the scanner updated to current software version. I plugged it into my Macan and reset the Oil Change reminder in just a few seconds. I haven't used any other options yet, but it looks like it has everything an DIY'er would need - intermediate and extended service notice reset, battery registration and emergency brake retract as well as code reading and clearing. Update: I just reset the intermediate service reminder - very easy. The scanner asks you to set the date each time you use it - be sure to set the date to the day before you are actually using it, the current date errors out.

Abubaker R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Worked like a charm

This Autel MD806 device diagnosed the problem with my car in a matter of minutes. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate the screens. Got a quote of $300.00 from my mechanic to fix the problem. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended this product which saved me some money and I own the Autel MD806 pro. Highly recommend the Autel MD806 pro.