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reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro OBD Car Scanner Tool

The Latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro (OBD2 Car Scanner Tool)

Autel Maxicheck Pro (one of the best OBD2 diagnostic scanners) is based on the latest diagnostic platform of Autel and can be used to read and erase DTC codes, rest oil service light, read, clear, and diagnose EPB/SBC, reset service mileage and service intervals, and much more.

Autel Maxicheck Pro price
Autel Maxicheck Pro

As a good middle scan tool, Autel Maxicheck pro is perfect for mechanics or DIY enthusiasts who want to upgrade from an entry-level scan tool to a better OBD2 scanner.

But how about it when we actually use it? Next, you will read the latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from Maxicheck Pro user.

Next, you will read:

  1. Five reasons to buy Autel Maxicheck Pro OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool
  2. latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from eBay
  3. latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from Amazon
  4. latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from Autel

Five reasons to buy Autel Maxicheck Pro OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool

1.Simple Design and Awesome Interface

With dimensions of 14.6 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches and rubberized sleeve help to give you a firm grip. Weighs just under 4 pounds, so it’s not a heavy set device. And Autel MaxiCheck Pro has its simple and straightforward interface.

The scanner’s home screen features a series of diagnostic functions (include OBD2, ABS/SRS, DPF, EPB, Oil Reset, SAS, and BMS) alongside the ‘Setup’ and ‘Playback’ apps. While the ‘Setup’ menu takes you to the scanner’s settings, choosing ‘Playback’ allows you to do just that – playback diagnostic data.

To help with your navigation is a 320 x 240 TFT display. It’s sufficiently clear and displays content in full color.

The scanner doesn’t have a built-in battery, it draws power directly from the car battery.

Oil Reset
Oil Reset

2. Reading and Clearing Trouble Codes (DTCs)

It has the ability to read and clear ECU, SRS, ABS and EPB/SBC diagnostic codes.

What that means is you can pull the codes, pinpoint the problem and erase the DTC code. By doing so you will be able to turn off a warning light related to any of those systems. That includes the CEL/MIL which turns off when you clear ECU codes.

 read and clear EPB as well as SAS diagnostic codes.
read and clear EPB as well as SAS diagnostic codes.

3. Offering Advanced and Service Functions

  1. Supports bi-directional functionality of the ABS system.
  2. Allows resetting of service intervals, service mileage and service lights on some car brands like Benz, BMW, VW/Audi, etc.
  3. Can open and close electronic brake calipers.
  4. Performs zero position calibration of SAS in cars that have an Electronic Stability Program (ESP).
  5. Supports TPMS functionality where you can register and re-register TPMS sensor IDs.
  6. Offers Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functionality.
  7. Performs Battery Management Service (BMS).

4. Displaying Live Data

The Autel MaxiCheck Pro supports viewing, graphing and recording of live OBD2 data. It comes with an SD card on which you can record the data for playback at a later time. So these data can help you know such things as fuel economy, performance efficiency and overall health of the car.

5. Extensive Coverage

The Autel MaxiCheck Pro covers both domestic and foreign brands, including Ford, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Volvo, etc.

latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from ebay

Richardson said “Awesome bit of kit in a nice storage case too. Bit of a phaff to activate as you have to email Autel Customer Support to get a passcode first. After this, it worked on my car without complaint and offers a wide range of diagnostics so I'm very pleased with it. Well worth the money in my opinion. The software period on registration suggested it was only valid for one year but after contacting Autel they claim it now comes with free updates for the product lifetime, which if true is a bonus considering most others time out and you have to re-subscribe annually.”

reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro
Autel Maxicheck Pro

latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from amazon

Eagle comments “Excellent tool that worked first time out of the box.Comes complete with OBDII & USB cables, instructions & upgrade software that can be installed onto a PC. All this comes packaged within a hard plastic carry case. Used this to diagnose an airbag fault, then fix & clear the dashboard warning light on my V40 Volvo.Would recommend this to anyone who regularly works on their cars.”

latest reviews of Autel Maxicheck Pro from Autel

Bayless review "I work in a busy garage and have long been frustrated with there diagnostic equipment. There is the old Delphi based one which was always slow and there new Bosch based one which is installed on an underpowered tablet device (the software is designed for desktops) that is overcomplicated and often unresponsive due to the table being so slow. So I got this and it is absolutely brilliant. Connects to most vehicles with ease and easy to use menu system. There are a few minor frustrations the main ones being my work colleges who keep wanting to use it. Also presenting service lights on VW/Audi vehicles can be tricky. But most functions are carried out with ease. A perfect buy for either DIY or pro mechanics. Oh, I forgot to mention. When updating the software on your device via the desktop app the program may appear to freeze and become unresponsive. This will happen more than once and is quite normal so don't panic just leave it alone and eventually it will work.”


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