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What’s Autel Online ECU Coding?

  ECU online coding often confuses car owners. What does this function do and how does it benefit our cars? Today, let's explore it together.

What is ECU Online coding /car online coding?

  ECU online coding allows car owners to update their vehicle's ECU software remotely using an online connection. This car ECU online Coding function provides benefits such as improved performance, efficiency, and functionality for the car.

The ECU online coding can bring you car:

Performance tuning:

  Car owners can use ECU online coding to optimize the engine parameters and enhance the overall performance of their vehicle.

Fuel efficiency:

  Car coding can result in cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

Diagnostic capabilities:

  Advanced online ECU coding helps in detecting problems early on, leading to timely repairs and preventing potential breakdowns.

Software updates:

  With ECU online coding, car owners can easily update their vehicle's software to ensure it is always up to date.


  Car online coding provides the flexibility to customize certain parameters, such as throttle response, transmission behavior, and engine sound, to suit personal preferences.

Which Autel OBD2 scanners can code the car ?

  Autel offers a wide range of OBD2 scanners that support online ECU coding for cars, including popular series such as Autel Maxisys MS908 and MK908, Autel MaxiFlash Elite, Autel MaxiCOM Ultra, and more. Given the numerous options available, I'd be happy to provide you with information on three best-selling products:

  The MP808BT Pro is a cost-effective option for online ECU coding in BMW, Porsche, and VM cars. Compared to other versions, it offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. If you don't require additional features, this is the most suitable choice for you.

2023 newest Autel online ECU Coding scanner of MP808bt pro

  Compared to the Autel MP808BT Pro, the MS908S Pro offers broader vehicle brand coverage, including Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Additionally, it features updated hardware such as an improved camera and ROM. These enhancements ensure a smoother and more satisfying user experience.

Picture of Autel MS908S Pro obd2 scanner with car online coding

      The AUTEL ULTRA series is the most advanced diagnostic tool from Autel. While it shares the same vehicle coverage for online ECU coding as the Autel MS908S Pro, the ULTRA series boasts more advanced features, such as intelligent diagnostics. If you have the budget, this would be an excellent choice for you.

    How to code your car?

    1. Get an OBD2 diagnostic tool compatible with your car.
    2. Locate the OBD2 port in your car, usually near the driver's side dashboard.
    3. Connect the diagnostic tool to the OBD2 port using the provided cable.
    4. Power on the diagnostic tool and select the appropriate vehicle manufacturer and model.
    5. Enter coding mode or configuration settings.
    6. Choose the desired coding options, such as lights, safety features, or audio settings.
    7. Apply the selected coding changes.
    8. Verify the changes by testing the modified functions or observing related parameters.

    What kind of car supports ECU coding?

      At present, Autel ECU online coding function mainly supports only five models, namely Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, and only Autel Maxisys 908 and above series can support Mercedes-Benz and Audi online coding function. But the specific situation also according to your model, brand, series specific analysis, please contact us!

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