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Autel Maintenance - DPF Forced Regeneration

Autel Maintenance - DPF Forced Regeneration

Let's perform forced regeneration of diesel particulate filter using MaxiCheck MX808

Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF for short is an emission control device standard for 2009 and newer diesel fuel burning vehicles.

Filters collect toxic soot particles and prevent them from escaping into the air over time.

Soot builds up in the filter DPF system is designed to automatically regenerate the filter by using engine heat to burn the soot into smaller particles.

If the vehicle fails to regenerate the filter during normal use, It may prompt the driver to operate the vehicle at a certain speed for a certain period of time.

Autel tells the tablet to enable technicians to force DPF regeneration in the event of a system failure.

MaxiCheck MX808 for all systems and all service tablets, ideal for high-volume maintenance workshops.

It is especially useful for those who need to perform forced diesel particulate filter regeneration. We are using the MX808 for this area

ut most importantly, tell the tablet to have the same easy-to-use navigation with detailed step-by-step instructions before attempting a forest area. Select Auto Scan to scan the vehicle for engine codes. The forest area doesn't appear when the code exists. Next click on the service.

On the home screen, then tap the DPF slash SRC icon Select the button to initiate the vehicle's forced regeneration. Instructions vary by vehicle, so be careful to follow the instructions displayed, then the vehicle will proceed to perform the regeneration itself

Raising and lowering the engine.

Clearing the RPM forest area of the filter may take 20 to 40 minutes depending on the amount of congestion within the filter, once the area is complete a message will be displayed and the engine will return to normal rpm and the exhaust should be noticeably cleaner than the filter. Before this procedure, the DPF light can be reset in the previous menu

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