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Autel EVO II Pre-order

Autel EVO II Pre-order

Good news! Autel EVO II is available for pre-ordering now! Before the pre-order, you must know following rules and information:

1. EVO II Release Price and Availability Date

  • Autel EVO II 8K Currently in production!!! Release price is £1,399 and the first EVO II 8K drones will finish at the end of January. Make your pre-order now!
  • Autel EVO II Pro (6K) release price will be £1,699 and Autel EVO II Dual (Price to be announced), all of these two versions will start producing after finishing first EVO II, the estimated release date is the end of March or early April. (As the Cronovirus Influence, the date is delay, we will keep this update.)

2. EVO II Pre-order Rules

  • Because quantity limits for first EVO II drone, All Pre-orders are on a first come first serve basis. Queue number will send to your email box.
  • Autel EVO II 8K Currently in production, so Pre-order available for EVO II only. £199 DOWN PAYMENT ONLY, The rest of the money will be do upon being ready to ship! when we are ready to ship you just need to pay the rest £1200.

3. One EVO II, 3 Camera Options

  • The Autel EVO II Series is available in 3 models: EVO II, EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual. One aircraft, three camera options. Additional cameras can be purchased and they are user swappable.

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