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Comparison Autel AutoLink/MaxiLink OBD2 scanner?

Same function of AutoLink/MaxiLink OBD2 scanner

  Autel's OBD2 diagnostic tools, including Autolink 519, 609P, 619, and MaxiLink 629, are handheld devices for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. These OBDII scanner provide essential diagnostic functions such as real-time data reading, freeze frames, and error code retrieval and clearing. These entry-level tools meet the needs of OBD2 enthusiasts in the automotive field.

The function of Autel AL519/AL609 P/AL619/ML629

AL519 vs AL609P vs Al619 vs ML629

  The Autel OBD2 diagnostic tools, including Autel 519, 609P, 619, and ML629 scanners, differ in terms of the number of supported vehicle systems for OBD2 diagnosis. Starting from the Autel 519 OBD2 tool and progressing to the ML629 OBDII scanner, the range of vehicle systems covered by OBD2 diagnosis has significantly expanded.

Model AL519 AL609P AL619 ML629
Price £50.00 £65.00 £69.00 £77.00
Product image
Product of Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner
Product of Autel Autolink AL609P OBD2 Code Reader
Product of Autel AL619 OBD2 scanner
Product of ML629 OBD2 read scanner
Transmission diagnose / /
ABS diagnose /
SRS diagnose /
AutoVIN / / /

Let's buy a code reader that suits us

  1. To diagnose engine systems only, DIY enthusiasts can choose the AL519 scanner;
  2. while repair enthusiasts who require diagnosis of engine, ABS and SRS systems should choose the AL609P.
  3. For mechanics interested in diagnosing engine, ABS, SRS and transmission systems, the AL619 scanner is recommended.
  4. The ML629 scanner, built on the foundation of the AL619, includes an Auto VIN function for added convenience.
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