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Autel VCMI function carried by Autel Maxisys Ultra

As Autel's flagship diagnostic scanner, a major update of Autel Maxisys Ultra is that it has the latest updated Autel Maxisflash VCMI. Today let us explore the VCMI carried by Autel Maxisys Ultra.

What is the VCMI carried by Autel Maxisy Ultra?

As the VCMI carried by Autel Maxisys Ultra EV professional scanner, Autel MaxiFlash VCMI carries oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter and waveform generator five-in-one super connection function.

The function about 5 in 1 Autel MaxiFlash VCMI

The Autel MaxiFlash VCMI, carried by the Autel Maxisys series flagship product, has a market value of more than 1,500 pounds due to its five-in-one super functionality.

What Autel Maxisys Ultra VCMI can bring to you?

  • Oscilloscope function
  • Maxisys Ultra and UItra EV smart-level diagnostic scanners with Autel VCMI are compatible with oscilloscope functions. By observing the shape and frequency of the waveform, you can intuitively see the working status of the vehicle system.

    The Autel Maxiflash VCMI with oscilloscope capability

  • Convenience of operation
  • The five-in-one VCMI enables Autel Maxisys Ultra car diagnostic scanner to realize OBD signal diagnosis and oscilloscope diagnosis with only one device.

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