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Introducing the Autel MX808S: The New 2023 Version of Maxicheck MX808

The 2023 Autel MX808S scanner is an affordable 7-inch tablet that combines full system diagnostics and advanced services, providing quick access to vehicle systems. This professional OBD2 diagnostic device offers faster speeds and more powerful capabilities, allowing for high-end scanning operations and comprehensive diagnostic services for DIY enthusiasts.

Powerful hardware upgrades

Compared to the Autel MX808 car scanning tool, the 2023 version of the diagnostic tool Autel MX808S has undergone several updates. The CPU version has been upgraded, and the running memory has been increased from 1GB to 4GB. In addition, the Android version has been adjusted to the latest Android 11. These advances have increased loading speeds by more than twice as much as before, greatly enhancing the smoothness and user experience of the device.

In addition, the Autel MX808S OBD2 full-system diagnostic scanner adds a 5GHz Wi-Fi option, allowing customers to choose the Wi-Fi frequency that best suits their needs. This provides users with greater flexibility and convenience.

Convenient and User-Friendly Functionality Experience

Completely diagnostic function

The Autel MaxiCheck MX808S is a tablet that supports full system diagnosis and comes with comprehensive diagnostic functions. It covers reading error data, clearing error data, and performing active tests, allowing for quick and efficient diagnostics across multiple functions in just a few minutes. It is designed to assist automotive enthusiasts in conducting comprehensive diagnostics for vehicle issues.

Autel MX808S completely diagnostic function

Auto VIN/Auto scan

The Autel MX808S automotive diagnostic tool, just like the Autel MX808, provides time-saving functionalities. With one-click automatic VIN vehicle identification and automatic scanning, it can quickly detect faults in any vehicle system, a process that takes only a few seconds. It offers a user-friendly experience for DIY enthusiasts or automotive enthusiasts.

Autel Maxifix

The Autel Maxicheck MX808S diagnostic scanner features the Maxifix application, which allows the Autel MX808S automotive diagnostic tool to provide repair advice based on Autel cloud services. This feature can help DIY enthusiasts find repair solutions and solve mechanical problems.

Autel shop manager & Data log

The Autel MaxiCheck MX808S all system diagnostic tool comes with a shop manager feature that can collect all types of repair data, while the data log function can record project errors. These features all contribute to a better user experience for automotive enthusiasts using the new Autel MX808S.

Autel remote access

The 2023 MX808S upgrade from MX808 also supports remote access, which can help users seek assistance from Autel professionals.If you have a problem you don't understand, you can contact an Autel expert via remote access for a solution.

More service function

Compared with the previous Autel MD806 and MD806 Pro, it has more reset services, which can solve the service functions needed by all motorcycle enthusiasts in one machine.

Appearance and design

The Autel MX808S scanner is a 7-inch high-resolution tablet that features a sleek design and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal diagnostic tablet for beginners.

Autel Maxicheck MX808S apperance

Several reasons to choose the Autel MX808S scan tool

  • 2023 New upgraded OBD2 diagnostic scanner
  • Support active test
  • Strong hardware support
  • 1-year software update
  • High cost performance

  • Autel Maxicheck MX808S


    As a new diagnostic scanner in 2023, Autel MX808S has 4G running memory, 64G storage memory and other newly upgraded hardware configurations, making Maxisys MX808S a super smooth use experience. It is a very cost-effective and suitable choice for DIY enthusiasts . Come and Pick MX808S!

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