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Autel MaxiPRO MP808BT PRO with OE-level diagnostic

What is OE-level diagnostic?

OE-level diagnostic involves utilizing diagnostic tools and software provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to analyze a vehicle's diagnostic procedures. The Autel MP808BT Pro tablet is an OE-level diagnostic tool that grants technicians access to advanced features and functions beyond what general-purpose scanners can offer. With its comprehensive database, including specific diagnostic fault codes (DTCs) and repair procedures, the Autel MP808BT Pro OE-Level Full System Diagnostic Tool ensures repairs are performed according to OEM specifications, leading to optimal vehicle performance.

What is all System OE-level diagnostic

How to do OE-level diagnostic with Autel MaxiPro MP808BT wireless diagnostic scanner

1.Establish the connection between the Autel MP808BT Pro and the vehicle

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 1

2.Choose the diagnosis, choose the model,auto VIN

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 2

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 3

3.Start diagnosis

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 4

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 5

Autel MP808BT Pro OE-level diagnostic step 6

Who is suitable for Autel MP808BT Pro?

The MaxiPRO MP808BT Pro is a bi-directional scan and OE level diagnostic tool. Compared with Autel MP808BT, the hardware upgrade has greatly improved the user experience and covered models.

Autel MaxiPro MP808BT newest wireless car diagnostic function

Auto scan

The 2023 Autel MaxiPro MP808BT Pro scanner's Auto scan function can automatically scan car data for automotive DTCs reading and code clearing services.

Autel MaxiPro MP808BT Pro auto scan function

ECU Information

The MP808BT Pro, being the latest wireless automotive diagnostic tool from Autel, is equipped with the capability to read car ECU information, enabling a clear understanding of the car's brand, model, and other fundamental automotive ECU details.

Autel MP808BT Pro ecu information function

Trouble Codes

The Autel MaxiPro MP808BT Pro diagnostic tablet scans all aspects of the car, reading and cleaning the car's error codes.

Autel MP808BT Pro trouble codes

Online ECU Coding

The Autel MP808BT Pro, an OE-level diagnostic scan tool, features the Online ECU coding function, which allows mechanics to activate or deactivate specific functions and adjust parameters as needed.

Autel MP808BT Pro ECU coding function


The Autel MP808BT Pro carries a guide function that provides step by step guidance for DIY enthusiasts or car enthusiasts to help beginners quickly get started with diagnosis.

Brush Hidden

The Autel MaxiPro MP808BT Pro diagnostic tablet comes equipped with a brush hiding function that satisfies the needs of car enthusiasts who want to conceal their vehicle's performance. This feature helps mechanics unlock the car's hidden potential.

bright spot:

  1. MP808BT Pro with online code setting, brush hiding, guide function.
  2. Support VCI,The MP808BT Pro is paired with the BT506 for battery test.
  3. Maxisys MP808BT support two-years update

the product of Autel MaxiPro MP808BT Pro

That is all,if you have any questions ,please

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