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Autel MaxiCheck MX808 Review : 2022 Most Cost-effective Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiCheck MX808 Review : 2022 Most Cost-effective Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiCheck MX808 is Autel's best value and most cost-effective diagnostic tablet, upgraded from Autel Maxicheck Pro/ MD808Pro, capable of reading codes, clearing codes, viewing data streams, and doing reset services. It is very easy to use and can do almost anything I want. For those who want to diagnose their vehicle themselves or use it only a few times a year, MX808 obd2 scanner is best choice and can bring a wide range of features at an affordable price.

autel maxicheck mx808

Compared to MD808Pro, Autel MX808 doesn't just go from a little guy to a big guy. MX808 OBD2 scanner has all the capabilities of MD808Pro, but it can do much more. MD808Pro supports all systems diagnostic and no more than 7 reset services, of which there are fewer available modules, and supports far fewer car models and years than MX808.

autel maxicheck mx808 reset services

MX808 is far more than capable: enhanced all-systems diagnostic function to perform more in-depth diagnostics; up to 26 reset services, with more to come in subsequent updates; Auto VIN technology to identity your vehicle’s make, model, and year information with one click; more useful application, like Remote Desk, allow Autel engineers, or your friends to control your MX808 tablet on their PC and perform remote diagnostic; 2022 new updated Autel Cloud Service allows you to upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with your customers through QR Code/email/text message easily. 

Autel MX808 and MK808BT have exactly the same features, except for the connectivity. Bluetooth is always expensive, so if you don't care whether you have a wired or wireless connection then you don't need to pay an extra £149 for the wireless feature, MX808 is clearly better for you. With MX808 scan tool, you don't have to pay a lot money to the dealer for a diagnostic scan, and you can check yourself. Even if you go to the repair shop, you can still use the scanner to make sure they don't make you add things you don't need to fix. Highly recommended for car DIYers or those who use it less frequently but need a diagnostic tool for their cars.

Kindly note that if you need to do active tests (bi-directional control), MX808 is clearly not an expert, you have to look to its big brothers, Autel DS808/MP808 level and above. In short, you'll have to pay for whatever features you need.

Before you place an order, it is advisable to contact the Autel seller, they will help you determine if MX808 scanner will work on your car and tell them what you want to do. I bought it for doing ABS bleed on my car, so I spoke to Autel to check the compatibility. Cars are complex, manufacturers are tricky, no scanner on the market is guaranteed to work for every car, so communication is necessary.

Anyway, no scan tool is perfect. The best tool for you is the one that meets the features you want and within your budget.

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