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Bi-Directional(active test) - Car diagnostic tool powerful features you never knew about

Bi-Directional(active test) - Car diagnostic tool powerful features you never knew about

When a part of your vehicle is not working properly, or a malfunction light appears on the dashboard. At this time, the car diagnostic tool is used to diagnose the vehicle. My experience has shown that many technicians use a scan tool only to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and look at parameter data, and then clear it with one click. If this is how you normally use the Autel diagnostic tool, then you are missing out on the many features of this powerful set of tools, one of which is Bi-directional control, also known as active test.

However, it should also be noted that as an advanced feature, not all Autel or other brand diagnostic tools have the function. Currently, in the Autel diagnosis product line, only DS808, MP808 and higher diagnostic tools have Bi-directional control. (MK808BT/MK808 does not have this function)

What is Bi-Directional Control(Active Test)?

In our daily use, use the VCI to connect the vehicle and hit AutoVIN. At this point, we have established a data connection with the vehicle. When we click on the Autel diagnostic tool, the ECU transmits data to our device. With two-way control, we can control a part of the vehicle from the device.

For example, car headlamps, some vehicles have adaptive headlights that adjust to the lighting conditions. There are also vehicle headlight adjustments that we need to operate, and when you find that your headlights don't turn on normally and you're not sure if it's firmware damage or a problem with the electronic system, you can use the Bi-directional function to manually adjust it on the Autel device. Control, if the headlights can be turned on normally at this time, it may be that the console connection is faulty or the ECU has an error. Powerful and easy-to-operate functions can solve your needs.

Cose-Effctive Bi-Directional Control Car Diagnostic Tool - Autel MaxiPro MP808K

autel maxipro mp808k introduce

The MaxiPro MP808K is the same as the DS808K just that the MP808K brings 11 adapters that make the device compatible with a lot of OBDI cars.

This scan tool’s operating system is Android, but it’s an older version of the operating system: it runs Android 4 while the scan tools tested come with Android 7.

Despite the fact that the device runs on Android, it has Wi-Fi, but it connects to the vehicles by cable, as it doesn’t have Bluetooth. The unit is light and well built and it comes in a tough case where you can store the device and the extra connectors.

The device has a 7” LCD touchscreen and, like the other devices we have been reviewing, it’s tough built. It can do a full system scan of cars from 80 different automakers, which is a really great number and ensures its compatibility with lots of vehicle models.

The MP808K, like many of the scanners reviewed in this article, supports auto VIN scan, manual VIN input, and automatic or manual vehicle selection. It’s a great and comprehensive bidirectional tool that reads codes and live data from all the vehicle systems that it supports.

This tool also has great features for professional mechanics and auto repair shops; it has some great features to help make the job easier:

  • MaxiFix: it’s an online troubleshooter database that users can access, has all the common DTCs for most vehicles and allows users to share information and work together.
  • Remote Desk: the MP808K works with TeamViewer and enables users to receive remote support from Autel’s support center, colleagues, or friends by allowing them to control the diagnostic tool of the tablet on their PC.
  • Shop Manager: it’s an application proprietary of Autel that helps users to deal with reports for customers, manage the workshop information, customer information records, and more.
  • Data Manager: It’s an app that supports storing, printing, and reviewing previously saved files.


  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable - Less than £200.00 for MS906, Get almost the same diagnostic functions and services.
  • Unmatched Vehicle Coverage - Autel DS808K comes with more 11 adapters, which have a wider vehicle coverage. Save you 220GBP to get it seperately.


  • It’s not wireless - nike
  • Not being wireless, it still needs to be charged.
  • There is a certain gap between the response speed and device storage and the latest Autel diagnostic tool.
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