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An in-depth look at Autel's diagnostic feature

In the modern automotive repair industry, efficient and accurate troubleshooting is crucial. As a leading provider of automotive diagnostic tools, Autel is committed to developing powerful, easy-to-use diagnostic tools that help automotive technicians quickly locate and solve vehicle problems.

This blog will take an in-depth look at Autel's Diagnostic feature. Whether you're an automotive repair professional or a car owner, you don't want to miss out on this tool that makes car repairs more efficient and accurate. Come explore the world of Autel's Diagnostic feature with us!

Multiple Diagnostic Functions

Autel Diagnostic tool integrates a variety of powerful diagnostic functions to meet different repair needs:

Read Codes:

These fault codes are stored inside the vehicle's ECU and are used to indicate the presence or possible presence of a fault.Autel Diagnostics can help read and identify fault codes when your vehicle's fault lights come on or when you want to troubleshoot and service your vehicle.

Autel Diagnostics quickly reads your vehicle's fault codes and problem descriptions to help you pinpoint your vehicle's problem. You can also follow Autel's repair program to have your vehicle repaired or parts replaced.

Erase Codes:

When you have finished fixing the vehicle problem, you can clear the fault codes from the vehicle fault memory to ensure that the repaired problem is not considered a fault.

Or if you want to confirm that the previous fault code was successfully fixed, you can clear the fault code with Autel Diagnostics, and then after rescanning the vehicle's information, you can confirm that the fix was done as well as completed if no new fault codes appear.

Autel tool can also be used to clear some fault codes related to maintenance and servicing. For example, when replacing certain parts or performing specific maintenance work, clearing old codes ensures that the vehicle's system relearns and adapts to the new missing parts or adjustments.

Freeze Frame:

When a fault occurs, freeze frame records and saves real-time data of the vehicle system. When a vehicle malfunction occurs and a fault code is triggered, the freeze frame function records the key parameters and status of the malfunction for subsequent analysis and troubleshooting.


Live Data:

Here you can see some real-time data and sensing data about the status of your car. You can understand the whole vehicle operation condition based on these data, discover hidden problems or abnormalities, find out the source of failure and improve the efficiency of maintenance.


Autel Diagnostic function is a reliable automotive repair tool designed to improve repair efficiency, simplify troubleshooting, and help mechanics solve a wide range of vehicle problems more quickly and accurately. Whether you're a professional repair store or a car owner, Autel Diagnostic offers unmatched value and convenience.