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What's the Difference Between MS906 Pro & MS906BT?

Among advanced automotive diagnostic tools, the Autel MS906 Pro and MS906BT are two popular choices. These powerful devices provide technicians with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for efficient troubleshooting and repair.In this article, we'll explore the key differences between the MS906 Pro and MS906BT to help you choose the right tool for your needs.

Comparison Chart:


MS906 Pro 


Exynos 8895

Exynox 5260







Battery Capacity



Android Version

 Android 7 

 Android 4.4.4

Screen Resolution




Rear 16.0 MP/Front 5.0MP   

Rear 8.0 Megapixel

Service Functions 

basic Functions

Special Functions

Bi-directinal Control

Online ECU Coding(BMW/VW/Porsche)

Hidden Brush



BentlySeat/Man LD 

 Expansion Functions
Auto VIN 



WIFI Print ×
Scan Licence


Remote Desk
Remote Expert ×
Supported DoIP/CAN FD ×



Combination with MV108 Endoscope

Combination with BT506 Battery Tester

 Overall, the Autel MS906 Pro is basically similar to the MS906BT in some features, such as reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, action testing, support for OE-Level full-system diagnostics, ECU programming, on-line code setup, brush concealment, and expanded functionality.



 Autel MS906 Pro >MS906BT  

The Autel MS906 Pro is 127 euros more expensive.


Autel MS906 Pro>MS906BT

We can conclude from the table that the hardware of MS906 Pro is better than MS906BT, which can be reflected in the following points:

First, the processor and RAM of Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro are more powerful than others, which means that you can get a smoother and more efficient user experience, reduce the waiting time and tedious operation, and improve the work efficiency.

Secondly, the Android Version is different, the MS906 Pro is equipped with a more advanced Android Version, which provides more functions, better stability and compatibility, and more comprehensive diagnostic data. This will improve the diagnostic effect and repair quality, saving time and cost.

Third point, Screen Resolution is different, Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro has a clearer screen resolution, which provides a clearer, more intuitive and comprehensive display for more accurate troubleshooting and repair work, as well as easier access to and parsing of vehicle information to enhance user experience and work efficiency.

Finally, the Autel MS906 Pro has a larger battery capacity for longer battery life.
All in all, Autel MS906 Pro and MS906BT have great advantages in terms of hardware, which will bring you more convenient services, save your time and improve your work efficiency.


Autel MS906 Pro>MS906BT

Autel MS906 Pro supports many other features compared to MS906BT.

Firstly, Autel MS906 Pro supports SCAN VIN, which allows you to get the vehicle information by simple scanning, which means you don't need to input the vehicle information manually. This feature saves time and effort.

Secondly, Autel MS906 Pro supports Scan Licence function. You can quickly verify the driver's identity without manual input by simply scanning or photographing the driver's license. It helps you verify the authenticity and validity of a driver's license and reduces misidentification of forged or expired licenses. This helps enhance security by preventing unauthorized persons from taking control of the vehicle and ensuring the accuracy of the legitimate driver's identity. Protecting personal privacy and security of driver's license information is important, and Autel Scanners, a provider of automotive diagnostic tools that are certified for compliance and strict protection of personal data, ensures that personal information is not misused or compromised.

Third, Autel MS906 Pro supports Remote Expert function. Easily contact a trusted expert with the MaxiSYS MS906 Pro tool. Automated vehicle information entry streamlines the order creation and approval process. Monitor vehicle vital signs during programming.

Fourth, the Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro supports DoIP/CAN FD. the application of the new protocol DoIP/CAN FD increases the speed of vehicle communication between modules by a factor of two. Technicians will never have to wait too long for diagnostic results. This means that the use of these protocols provides you with faster, more efficient and accurate diagnostic services, increasing diagnostic efficiency and repair quality, while reducing the time and cost of vehicle repairs. The fifth point, Autel MS906 Pro also supports WiFi printing.


Which one should I choose, Autel MS906 Pro or MS906BT?

The Autel MaxiSys MS906BT is a cost-effective alternative.

If you want to enhance your work efficiency with a better experience, you only need to pay an additional €127.


In general, both Autel scanners, theMS906 Pro and the MS906BT, are excellent choices that excel in vehicle compatibility and core diagnostic features.