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Autel IM508S and XP400 Pro program BWM EWS3 smart key

BMW is known for having one of the best anti-theft systems globally. However, BMW owners often wonder if the Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro is capable of programming BMW EWS (Electronic Drive Away Protection) and EWS3. In this blog, we will explore these questions and provide clarity on the specific differences between the two systems.

What is BWM EWS3 (Electronic Drive-Away protection)?

The first generation of the BMW EWS System (Drive Away Protection System) was installed on cars produced by BMW from September to December 1993, mainly by adding a circuit from the general module to the DME. The added circuits are spliced into existing code functions board computer (BC) to DME.

BWM EWS III mainly includes EWS III(3.2),EWS III(3.3), and EWS D. Compared with EWS II, the biggest difference is that EWS II modified the control module and revised wiring and the addition of the clutch switch input.

The components of the Drive Away Protection System are:

  • Door Lock Switch
  • General Module
  • Board Computer
  • DME
  • The component of the Drive Away Protection System

    The car type of EWS coverage

    Best Autel IM508s and XP400 Pro Recommendation

    Autel MaxiIM IM508S, the latest upgrade of IM508, is an entry-level product for Autel key programming, with the XP400 Pro and the latest Autel IM608 Pro with complete key programming and anti-theft functions.The IM508S and XP400 Pro is really a cost-effective choice.The following are some of its features:

    Broad population applicability:The Autel IM508S key FOB programming tool, similar to the IM508 and IM608 models, provides the option of smart mode and expert mode. The intelligent mode offers a step-by-step guidance for programming small white quick start keys, which assists technicians in repairing vehicles efficiently. On the other hand, the expert mode allows for multi-functional block programming, simplifying the guiding process and saving time for experienced repair masters;

    Professional key programming:With the XP400 Pro, the Autel IM508S can read, learn and write the key chip, read and write the EEPROM and basic read the MCU;

    Strong hardware support:Compared to the Autel MAXIIM IM508 auto key and remote programmer, the hardware of the Autel IM508 is more powerful as an upgrade. It has a 4x1.8GHz Processor and the latest version of the operation system.

    Software upgrade & after-sales service:Similar to the top-end IM608 II, the Autel IM508S comes with a two-year software upgrade service and a one-year warranty & update.

    How to use Autel IM508S and XP400 Pro program BWM EWS3?

    Key programming BMW's EWS3 with Autel MaxiIM IM508S professional Immobiliser and XP400 Pro, you just need to follow these few steps to get a brand new key with the IM508S.

  • Connect APB112,XP400 Pro and IM508S

  • Before you can key program the BMW EWS3, you need to first plug the APB112 into the XP400 Pro, connect the XP400 Pro to the Autel IM508S key programming tool, and then link them to the car.

    Autel IM508S key programmer program BWM EWS3 step 1

  • Follow the system prompts step by step operation to get a new key

  • Select IMMO on the Autel MaxiIM IM508 tablet computer, click on it, select BWM>>EWS3, and follow the prompts to get a new car key.

    Autel IM508S key programming tablet program BWM EWS3 step 2

    Autel IM508S professional Immobiliser program BWM EWS3 step 3


    Autel MaxiIM IM508S Key Programmer, as the latest upgrade of Autel IM508, is the most cost-effective anti-theft tool in Autel key programming, based on more advanced hardware features, but the price is not greatly improved.

    Autel MaxiIM IM508S

    FAQs of Autel IM508S

    Is Autel IM508S support bi-directional?

    The Autel IM508S programming scanner supports bidirectional control and is the diagnostic equivalent of the Autel MX808S. The Autel IM508S is not only a professional key programming tool, but also a basic diagnostic tablet.

    Does MaxiIM IM508S support BWM and Benz

    The Autel IM508S scan tool and XP400 Pro key programmer have the capability to support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW. However, for specific models and support functions, it is recommended to contact us and provide the VIN for a prompt response. Rest assured that the Autel IM508S and XP400 Pro are high-quality and reliable tools for your key programming needs.

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