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Autel MaxiBAS BT608 car battery testing and result

Many car owners are often confused about what a battery tester like Autel BT 506,Autel BT508 and Autel BT608, actually tests and how to perform a battery test at home, as well as how to interpret the results. Take a look below.

What is Autel BT608 car battery tester?

The Autel MaxiBAS BT608 is a touchscreen battery tester updated BT508 and BT506 in 2023 that carries full system diagnostics, intuitive adaptive conductance,100% bad battery detection ratio, and a built-in thermal printer for real-time printing.

Autel MaxiBAS BT608 Car Battery Tester

Autel MaxiBAS BT608 Car Battery Tester

How to use Autel BT608 car battery tester for battery testing?

In-Vehicle test

In-car testing refers to the test that does not require the removal of the battery, and the Autel MaxiBAS BT608 update of BT506 car tester makes it easier to read the health status of the battery.

  • Operation procedure
    1. Connect the clamp cable the MaxiBAS BT608/BT506/BT508 battery tester;
    2. Turn off all electrical equipment,ignotion switch,all vehicle doors;
    3. After meeting these requirements ,tap Autel MaxiBAS BT608 update from BT506 automotive battery tester"start testing".

    Autel MaxiBAS BT608 operation procedure

  • Operation result
  • Autel MaxiBAS BT608 operation result

    1. SOC:the full name is State of Charge, which refers to the remaining power of the battery of the vehicle tested by the accurate battery Autel BT608/BT508/BT506, and the owner can understand the performance and endurance of the battery according to the SOC;
    2. Voltage: provide an indication of its energy level. Generally, a higher voltage reading indicates a greater charge or higher state of charge (SOC);
    3. Measure Capacity:The measure voltage displayed on the Autel MaxiBAS BT608 battery tester update of BT506 and BT508 refers to the actual electrical energy that can be stored and transmitted by the battery as determined by test or measurement.

    Out of vehicle test

    Out of vehicle test is designed to test using BT508 or BT608 the health of a battery when it is not installed in the vehicle.It takes only two seconds to complete the battery detection.

  • Operation procedure
    1. Remove the vehicle battery;
    2. Connect the positive and negative terminals with BT608 or BT508 correctly;
    3. Click on the outside test on Autel BT608 or BT508 battery tester;
    4. It only takes a few seconds for you to get the battery test results.
  • Operation result
  • Out of vehicle result

  • SOH:State of Health indicates the health level of the battery. A larger value indicates a healthier battery by Autel bt508 showed.
  • Temperature:The temperature tested by the Autel BT608 update from BT508 refers to the current temperature state of the battery.
  • Related battery tester recommendation

    Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Car Battery Tester

    Selection reasons

    1. Use with wirelessly connected diagnostic tablets such as the Autel MK808BT Pro;
    2. If you have a wireless Autel diagnostic tablet, you can purchase the BT506 for battery detection expansion;
    3. Battery testing can be done with BT506 for less than £150;
    4. Autel BT506 is no blocking ;
    5. Lifetime free software update battery tester.

    Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Car Battery Tester

    Autel MaxiBAS BT508 Car Battery Tester

    Selection reasons

    1. Fast test,deliver test results in seconds, ideal for busy shops;
    2. Wi-Fi connection to transmit test reports, update software;
    3. Read the vehicle trouble code,and clean the DTCs;
    4. Less than £200 for both battery detection and basic code reading and clearing services;
    5. Lifetime free software update.

    Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Car Battery Tester

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