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Autel MX Sensor Programming Tips

We're gonna go over some quick reference to programming our TPMS enters with Autel tool.
Now we have the MX senosr thich programs both 433 and 315 MHz, one quick thing is if they are installed in the tires. you will have to deflate the tires.
So what you would do is go into advanced mode using the "yes" button, selecting the correct parameters.

Now when it comes to programming we do have.
Four different types you have OBD, Activation, Manual Input, and auto create.

Autel MX Sensor Programming  Tips
Copy by OBD is when you're actually going to take over OBD port get the information from there and actually program it per wheel, do be careful if the tires been rotated and it has been updated you might have a duplicate sensor issue.
Copy by activation is actually when you're going to go to the tire, trigger the actual sensor, pull the ID from it and then you would come over and program the sensor.

Autel MX Sensor Programming  Tips
With manual input you would actually write the ID for it by taking it off of the sensor that came out of the vehicle and the one that we would actually recommend most of all is gonna be our auto create this actually created an ID for the specific vehicle into the sensor, where all you do is just put the sensor in the top, press "yes", it's gonna detect the sensor and then you press "yes" to program and once that's done you're ready for your relearn procedure okay

Autel MX Sensor Programming  Tips

Autel MX Sensor Programming  Tips

Autel MX Sensor Programming  Tips

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508

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